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Making art is like constantly looking round the corner only to find another corner. Who knew that corners could be so compulsive. I want my audience to come along and share my curiosity about the visual world.

My starting point is always the human narrative. Then there comes meaning - incongruous, ambiguous, awkward, humorous, absurd or even absent.


Currently I paint a bit in oils and use a lot of chalk and ink on big paper. I really like soft chalk pastels at the moment - you can slap on colour quickly and move it around easily. I also draw and cartoon in sketchbooks - probably what I do most of. And, of course, charcoal, lots of charcoal


For those who like a Curriculum Vitae: Harrow and Portsmouth Art Schools. Then I was a railwayman for a number of years before becoming an arts administrator and a music manager. By 40, and for the next twenty years I was a full time freelance illustrator and cartoonist.

My last exhibition was in Aldeburgh with potter Ann Lee entitled “Incongruous”. I was also shortlisted for Artist and Illustrators magazine “Artist of the year” in 2019. 

In 2021 I won prizes for my landscape watercolour painting of St Ives Harbour. I currentlyly exhibit with Ipswich Art Society, Suffolk Open Studios and Artworks East.

Last year I began running life drawing classes in the wonderful old Ipswich art School Studios

I lived in London for many years but have lived in Suffolk for many more since.

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